Walks in the Shannon Region

In recent years more and more Irish people are discovering the magic of walking and the simple pleasure of heading off for a walk with family & friends.

The Shannon Region has a growing number of walking trails in the area.  Many are located in urban as well as countryside areas including parks, forests, along river banks, on hills and on mountains.  All are waymarked with directional arrows and signposts making them easy to use and follow and they range from easy walks that are suitable for people starting out to the more strenuous which are more suitable for experienced walkers.


Ballycuggeran Loop Walk

The start of this loop walk is located in the townland of Ballycuggeran, the homeland of the O'Cuggarans, and important family at the court of Brian Boru.  The walk is overlooking Lough Derg, the Annacarriga valley ad the hills that stretch from Caherhurley to Ogonnelloe.  The loop walk is part of the network of Shannon Region Loop Walks and is marked using the standard red Shannon Region Trails directional arrows. This trail is perfect for Family walking breaks in Clare and Tipperary. Click here to download map & further information on this walk.


Keeper Hill & Ballyhourigan Trailhead

Keeper Hill is situated in the Slieve Felim mountain range in North Tipperary and is just 15km east of Limerick City.  The Gaelic name for the hill is Sliabh Coimealta - the mountain of guarding.  At a height of 694m, Keeper Hill is the highest mountain in the Shannon area and the 117th highest in Ireland.  The 'hill' is wrapped in a forestry area of 3,300 hectares.  The 300 hectare summit is designated as a National Heritage Area, considered important for the habitats  present or species of plants and animals whose habitat needs protection.  This loop overlaps with a short section of the Slieve Felim Way - a 30km waymarked route which travels from Murroe in County Limerick to Silvermines in Co. Tipperary.  En-route it passes through the small but pleasant village of Toor and onward across the shoulder of Keeper Hill.  While the loop (marked with purple arrows) explores the lower shoulders of Keeper Hill, the 'hardy' walker will enjoy incorporating the 'trek' to the summit (the red arrows).  This loop walk is part of the National Looped Walks and is marked using the standard purple National Looped Walk directional arrows. It is also located near Lakeside Hotel, one of the best hotels in Killaloe, Clare.

For further information and to download the trailhead map click here

For further information on walks & trails in the area, or to download maps please click here