Bike Park Ireland, Roscrea

Monday, 27 March 2017

To The Waters and the Wild - Bike Park Ireland, Roscrea

Close your eyes. Imagine hurdling down a mountainside on a bike at speeds up to 50kph, trying to stay upright, leaping through the air, trying to avoid trees and rocks. Now open your eyes, this is not a PlayStation game, believe me, it’s a real-life adventure park in Fairymount Farm in Roscrea. Just a 40 minute drive from our hotel to the tracks of Bike Park Ireland with these views doesn’t sound too bad right?

Bike Park Ireland

After easily persuading my fifty-six-year-old dad to come on this amazing day trip with me, we headed for Fairymount Farm in Roscrea bright and early in the morning. When we arrived, we met with Graham Kenny who gave us a tour of the facility and kitted us out with bikes and protective gear (€3500 bikes, did I mention, no pressure!!) After changing into my newly bought runners and leggings, we headed for the practice area to get used to our bikes and get a feel for the little bumps and lumps. I then realised that wearing my new runners and leggings was a bad idea… See picture for reference. RIP new runners.

After a few practice runs on the 'easy' slopes, Graham assured us that we were ready for the big and bold tracks. We were both excited and nervous, we didn’t know what to expect! An army truck fitted with super comfy bus seats drove us to the top of the mountain with our bicycles attached at the back. Only taking 5-7 minutes to reach the top gave us a chance to meet and chat with other people. We were eager to get all the tips of how NOT to fall off the bike and stay upright for the trip down the hillside.


The first trail that we started on was the “green trail” which was the easiest. Having never gone mountain biking before, we couldn’t get enough! The excitement, the exhilaration and the adrenaline rush we got each time cycling down the mountain was just unforgettable! We surprisingly built up the nerve to keep progressing forward onto harder trails, ending up on the “blue trail”, which we enjoyed even more. The longer you stay the braver you become. I can't believe how much we improved with each downhill cycle. The experience we got from only staying for a couple of hours was amazing. Everybody was so friendly and helpful and we all looked out for each other, both beginners and superiors. No matter what your level everyone was there to help.


At lunch time, we headed for the Mucky Boot Café where the homemade burgers and cakes went down a treat. We were lucky to meet a few furry friends trotting around too!

Bike Park Ireland

Bike Park Ireland

Bike Park Ireland


I would highly recommend Bike Park Ireland for a day trip for people of all ages. Families would have a blast as there is something there for everyone. Whether it is raining or sunny, I can assure you that Bike Park Ireland will not disappoint. For a fun and action filled day, try out Bike Park Ireland, but DO NOT wear new runners or leggings and bringing your dad is optional 😉 There's no better way to chill out afterwards and rest our weary bones than to relax in O Hara’s bar at the Lakeside Hotel and Leisure Centre for a big cup of well earned hot chocolate.  

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